Baby acne eczema

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Baby acne eczema is common and mostly starts by about 3 weeks of age. In this case the delicate face of newborn baby covers up with the red bumps which look like pimples. There may be number of reasons behind the skin irritation of your baby. Baby acne mostly affects cheeks, forehead and even back. It shows prominent pimple marks on face usually when your baby is hot or fussy. There are common irritants like, split up milk, strong soap, chemical detergents used for baby cloth wash.

If your baby has small pimples on the face just after birth then It does not mean that the baby is suffering from baby acne eczema, it may happen the bumps will disappear on their own after few weeks. There may be another condition like cradle cap that irritates the baby but is not as much severe as baby acne. Generally occurs at the same age when baby crests gas production.

  • Somewhat fleshy and reddish pimples occur mostly on the cheeks forehead and chin.
  • Whiteheads are can be found.
  • It affects mostly if the baby has high fever and his skin is irritated.
  • If baby clothes are washed into harsh detergents, the skin reacts and gets affected.

Baby acne eczema develops from the maturing effects of mother’s hormones. Its effect remains until the 4 and 6 months from his birth. Doctors diagnose the disease based on timing and external appearance.

The exact cause of baby acne eczema is undefined but Generally Baby acne eczema is allergic disease, some babies reacts to milk and outgrows as the baby gets older. In case you are taking certain medicines while nursing at the same time baby is also taking some other medicine then it may result into side effect.

It occurs due to the hormonal changes in the baby few weeks after born. When baby clothes are washed into harsh detergents, the skin reacts and gets affected, this may cause rashes and irritation.

Usually there is no need of a special treatment. Gently cleanse the face once a day with water will help a lot. Don’t scrub the baby; baby acne is not caused by dirt. Even much washing may cause irritation to the skin so don’t cleanse the baby again and again. Try to use the mild baby soaps for the baby bath. Oils, lotions or any kind of moisturizer is not useful because of severe reaction. If the acne lasts for more than 6 months, your pediatrician may prescribe easygoing medicine.

Don try to put make up on the baby face to reduce the appearance of baby acne, it’s not sensible. Baby skin is sensitive and make up will add nothing else but excessive irritation to the sensitive areas. It may happen while photo shooting on some special occasion or any festival that you use make up to hide baby’s acne. You are advisable to use the natural, organic and chemical free make over which is specially made for sensitive skin. You may select the product suitable for the delicate skin of your child.

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