Eczema is broad term

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Eczema is broad term used for the number of different skin conditions like dry, red, irritating skin. Eczema can occur anywhere on body but babies mostly manifest it on scalp, forehead, and chest and around joints.

  • Reddening, cracking, swelling, or scaling of the skin.
  • Fleshy and quite reddish pimples arise mostly on the cheeks forehead and cheeks and at the back side.
  • Whiteheads are also observed.
  • It cause mostly if the baby has high fever and his skin is aggravated or irritated.
  • If baby clothes are cleaned into strong detergents, the skin reacts quickly and gets affected.

There are different types of baby eczemas in that too large numbers of babies are infected by atopic baby eczemas. Atopic eczema is hereditary and occurs at 2-3 months of age. The name Atopic refers to an oversensitivity of immune system of tolerant when it reacts to the external environment. However we can not say that if other family members are suffering from the relative diseases such as asthma or high fever then only the child is going to be affected by baby eczema.

Different irritants or allergic contacts cause baby eczema. When baby comes in contact with these allergens they fill like quite burning inside and suddenly the bumps come out of the skin pores though they are not uncomfortable with it, parents feel it like it must be irritating. These allergens may be chemicals or detergents.

As baby eczema is an allergic disease it is fairly unfeasible to get a special treatment. But there are number of medicines available to improve the condition of baby skin.

  • Moisturize: Since eczema is described by dry skin, moisturizing will always help the baby skin to reduce its effect. You can use baby oil or baby lotion as per your doctor advice it will be more beneficial to your baby.
  • Baby Bathing: Bath your baby in slightly warm water, take care of water temperature. This kind of water helps to keep the baby skin moisturized for long time. Avoid using any bath soap for few days at least until it cures. Don’t scrub or clean the baby vigorously so that it won’t affect his sensitive skin.
  • Do not use household detergents such as strong washing powders which can irritate the baby. Dry those clothes well after washing. Choose the cotton clothes instead of synthetic or woolen, because of this the baby will feel comfortable to breath and free from irritation.
  • Keep your pets out for few days if it’s possible or else wash your hands well before you touch the baby.

Diet: avoid allergic food such as cow’s milk or wheat. Breastfeed your baby for at least 4 months or until the effect of eczema reduces. You should also consult with the doctor for the same. Etching and scratching may result into the worst effect of baby eczema; better ways keep the baby nails short so that it entraps into the cotton or woolen clothes.

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